John Wenger

Chief Technology Officer

John Wenger is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Zeustra and is responsible for leading all software development and strategic technology partnerships fundamental to the firm’s core operations and mission. He is the architect of Zeustra’s data-to-value business model, delivering efficient and scalable solutions built on a proprietary single source of truth (SSOT). Mr. Wenger brings unparalleled ingenuity and experience in computer science, information technology, web development, and software engineering to Zeustra’s organization. He is responsible for the development of transformative technology designed to optimize the financial and operational performance of Zeustra client’s real estate assets and portfolios. In 2021, Mr. Wenger led the execution of numerous technology acquisitions and partnerships that have resulted in Zeustra being an industry leader in digital transformation and artificial intelligence. He leads all technology teams and promotes a culture of continuous innovation with the goal of creating original solutions designed for the future real estate economy.

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