As a global leader in digital transformation, Zeustra is the only commercial real estate service provider with a zero-prospecting model. We replace traditional sales prospecting with augmented intelligence and data-to-value processes that optimize productivity and scalability. This has a multiplier effect on income while improving quality of life.






We offer employees access to the most innovative technology in the commercial real estate sector. Our proprietary data-to-value processes offer hyper-income growth opportunities with unlimited scalability.


Zeustra is reshaping the future of commercial real estate with data-to-value services that cut out traditional sale processes and replace them with automation and augmented intelligence that shortens the distance from data to value.

Single Source Of Truth (SSOT)

We aggregate unlimited amounts of data from different sources within a single location. By removing the traditional data silos that limit meta data-driven decisions, we offer a single source of truth upon which we can run machine learning and AI across all data sets at scale.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Our data-driven marketplaces are built on automation that matches real estate market players with perfect accuracy. We match sellers with buyers, tenants with landlords, and borrows with lenders through matching algorithms that predict events before they occur. This offers pre-cognitive opportunities at scale with flawless execution.

Hyper-Scalable Income Growth

We offer our workforce hyper-income growth opportunities by maintaining a multiplier effect on revenue growth through scalable business solutions that grow smarter and more efficient over time. There are no limits to income in our fully automated data-to value business model.

Workplace Diversity

We are committed to attracting talent from the broadest universe possible. A diverse and inclusive workforce makes our firm stronger and more intelligent.