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Zeustra is a leading real estate investment advisor with a core focus on property investments across the entire healthcare spectrum. We advise private practices, healthcare systems, 1031 exchanges, private equity, pension funds, REITs, and related organizations in the acquisition and disposition of medical investment properties. Our professionals provide a hands-on approach with clients to navigate the unique financial and regulatory complexities particular to medical real estate investment, with the primary goal of providing superior risk-adjusted returns.
Real Estate Investment

Medical Office Buildings

Zeustra works as a sell-side and buy-side advisor on behalf of physicians, hospitals, investors, and developers to maximize the value of their medical office buildings (MOB’s) through investment sale offerings. We draw on our proprietary investor universe to drive competition and maximize value for our clients.

Rehab & Outpatient Facilities

Our experience monetizing rehab and outpatient facilities is deeply woven into our corporate culture. Whether it’s physical therapy, occupational therapy, orthopedic rehabilitation, or athletic training, Zeustra’s team of professionals has the experience to strategically position the real estate assets for a sale.


Zeustra partners with hospitals to strategically monetize real estate assets through sale-leaseback transactions. Our professionals perform a detailed cost-benefit analysis to evaluate whether its clients should sell, hold, or lease assets. We also work closely with investors and developers to maximize value on the sale of hospital leased medical buildings.

Dialysis Clinics

Dialysis clinics remain one of the more popular asset classes in the medical real estate segment. Investors aggressively value the clinical and technologically intensive aspects of the facilities. Given the size and independent nature of the tenant mix, dialysis clinics are a great option for 1031 exchange buyers looking for long-term, stable returns on their investment.

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Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC's)

As one of our highest performing strategic business units, ASC’s have become a mainstream asset class across the entire real estate investment spectrum. They typically garner strong investment demand from private equity, REIT’s, institutional investors, and 1031 Buyers in search of long-term, stable returns.

Urgent Care Facilities

The rise in urgent care popularity has attracted real estate investors of all types. Given that they are typically smaller in size and have remained relatively independent, urgent care facilities make a great option for 1031 exchange buyers.

Senior Housing

Senior housing continues to be one of the stronger performing asset classes in the medical property segment. Zeustra partners with operators, developers, and REITS’s to optimize the value of their senior housing portfolios. This asset class garners very strong demand from institutional advisors and REIT’s.

Long Term Care (LTAC's)

Zeustra partners with LTAC operators, developers, and investors to monetize their real estate holdings. As a niche asset class, LTAC’s require a deep knowledge and understanding of the demand drivers that support the underlying real estate values. Our experience in this segment is of great value to operators and investors alike.

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