InvestingSovereign Wealth FundsZeustra Sovereign Wealth Funds: What are it's Pros and Cons

Sovereign Wealth Funds: What are it’s Pros and Cons

Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWF) has been a tool utilized by countries to manage their resources. Think of it as a state-owned investment wherein the money used is from the surplus reserves of the government. While SWFs have been up for debate since the early 2010s, it is definitely one tool that could benefit the state’s…

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Healthcare Real Estate AdvisorMedical Real EstateReal EstateZeustra healthcare real estate

Why is Healthcare Real Estate a Solid Investment?

The COVID-19 pandemic has got the public to focus on the healthcare sector, leading the investors to eye on healthcare real estate investment. The healthcare sector has been under the limelight ever since. Its operations constantly reach stakeholder demand, employees demanding a safer workplace, and logistical competencies being tested every day. Healthcare is not only…

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Healthcare Real Estate AdvisorMedical Real EstateReal EstateZeustra Things to Consider When Selling Your Medical Real Estate

Medical Real Estate: Things to Consider When Selling It

Real estate investment is a serious decision that takes time and lots of consideration. When you are planning to sell your medical practice, location and property value are two fundamental factors in recognizing which market to sell and how to set the price for your medical real estate.  Buyers and sellers both want to get…

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Healthcare Real Estate AdvisorMerger and AcquisitionsZeustra mergers and acuquisitions

What Are Mergers And Acquisitions Advisory?

Mergers and Acquisition advisory is a very intelligent way to protect and grow your healthcare business. Whether you are selling your clientele, buying a clientele, or selecting a strategic associate to develop your healthcare services platform, Zeustra’s team is qualified and equipped to accommodate advice at every step of the transactional process. Zeustra’s team is…

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Private Equity.Real EstateZeustra private equity

7 Mistakes Physicians Make When Selling Their Practice To Private Equity

There may be a situation where physicians will have the probability of selling their practice due to retirement, illness, or any financial necessity. This procedure has to be planned and executed well as it has to offer maximum profit and minimal liability after the completion. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the regular functioning of several…

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Capital MarketHealthcare Real Estate Advisor Capital market service

How Healthcare Real Estate Advisors Help In Capital Markets Services

Flourishing in the regularly changing healthcare industry needs taking key decisions and embracing the right tools and technologies. With the usage of the right tactics and appropriate guidance in the healthcare domain, you can enhance performance, improve reliability among clients and patients, decrease risks while capturing extra market share. Choice of right healthcare real estate…

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Healthcare Real Estate AdvisorReal Estate Health care real estate

Things To Be Considered While Selling Healthcare Real Estate.

Offering optimal healthcare is the major business of any healthcare organization irrespective of being at a hospital, healthcare system, or physician office. But another additional aspect of healthcare is a real estate and with the ever-evolving market, it is key to be updated at all stages of the process. Healthcare real estate has been transforming…

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Healthcare Real Estate AdvisorZeustra deal listings doctors - strategic advisory for healthcare

What is strategic advisory? Is it helpful for healthcare service providers?

With the impact of changing government regulations and Covid-19 jolt to the healthcare system, compliance has become more complex than ever. Similarly, there is a huge need for effective tactics to control the rise of costs and falling margins. It is important to include these key aspects while having a value-driven model to enhance the…

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Healthcare Real Estate AdvisorReal EstateZeustra

What Will Be the Role of Healthcare Real Estate in the Post Covid-19?

The world is currently facing a huge challenge that has never impacted the normal lives of people in recent history. The spread of Covid-19 has impacted the routine lives of all types of industries which in turn have disrupted the real estate segment. With the unavailability and no clear knowledge about the effectiveness of vaccines…

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Healthcare Real Estate AdvisorReal EstateZeustra Healthcare Real Estate Trend in Covid-19

Healthcare Real Estate Trend in Covid-19

The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has completely changed the Healthcare real estate trends with variations in patient expectations for services and operations. Even though health care systems have been robust in embracing all the advanced technologies, their long-term assets like real estate and supply chain administration have not been able to match the requirements…

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